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BarBak Hospitality was founded in Charlotte, NC in 2019.

We are the Official Restaurant Depot Delivery partner of choice!


In November of 2020, we expanded to Charleston, SC. even despite the global pandemic arising. Since 2021, we have been fortunate to launch our services to the following locations: Cary, NC and Miami, FL..


BarBak Hospitality provides professional logistics services for hospitality businesses, and government sectors that value reliability, timeliness, and high customer satisfaction.


We have partnered with Restaurant Depot, a leading whole supplier, to deliver the best quality products at a fraction of the cost.

Our goal is simple:
To save you time by supplying you with everything your business needs.


Ordering your items has never

been more efficient using the Restaurant Depot website.

Order online by 9pm EST for next day delivery


BarBak Hospitality is your

go-to delivery service.

Our goal is to assist individual's and local businesses by loading, transporting, and delivering items to clients businesses in a safe, timely manner.


Your business is our business. If you experience any dissatisfaction we will address it immediately. If we are experiencing delays in our routes we will contact you in advance.


It's rooted in our name. Providing quality service with one smile at a time. Our staff is committed to creating a friendly environment for our clients.

Joe Vallely; Resturant Depot/JETRO

A Message From 
Joe Valley, Vice President
Resturant Depot

"For almost 40 years, Restaurant Depot has been committed to helping independently owned and operated restaurants succeed. We operate more than 140 cash & carry warehouses across the US. 


Over the past few years, our members asked for more ways to shop, including a delivery option.  We knew we needed delivery partners that we could trust with our customers.  We partnered with BarBak in our Charlotte, NC branch and the results exceeded our expectations.  Customers were delighted by BarBak’s customer service and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure every order is right and on time. 


BarBak now operates our delivery service in 5 locations with plans to expand.  “We’re proud to have BarBak as a premier delivery partner and look forward to working together to help every RD customer succeed by saving them money over the costs of traditional food service delivery companies – Restaurant Depot”


BarBak Hospitality is a life saver! You're going to save time and money, while increasing your bottomline.

- Manjesh,

Owner of Tabla Indian Restaurant

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